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iBackFlip Studios is primarily a design studio. We utilize the latest CAD/CAM and visualization systems to prototype our products. All projects start out with sketches on our iPads or when the flood of creativity is coming too quick, nothing beats pencil and paper. From there we start designing the product in 2D and 3D to prepare for template creation. We then source our templates to our primary manufacturers and sell these products online and through our reseller partners. We wanted to be able to stay flexible in order to provide boutique services to clients that need customizations done for small to large-scale projects.


Custom solutions Made just for you!


We have many commercial and non commercial customers that need minor or major modifications to our products to suite their specific needs. We have provided customized solutions for the retail, construction, medical industry as well as helping those in the disabilities and Autism groups dealing with speech therapy and protection for there devices . Our customers are surprising us everyday with new scenarios in which they have utilized their iPads or tablets and want a customized solution to further enhance their utility. Many people are finding us now because they saw our bag being used in a Sears store or by your local Arizona beverages Representative while using their iPad or tablet in the field. That is the same product that we sell here. Sears and many others are now using the iPad or tablets in their stores, construction sites or Hospitals with our handsfree iPad backpack and case. Some call it a shoulder bag, we call it a sling pack. but you can also call it a helping hand while using your iPad or tablet when you need to be hands free!


We can custom embroider, heat press, rubber patch your company logo on any customized solution. Custom jobs can select from a wide variety of colors to suite your specific industry needs. Examples would be construction companies that need bright yellow and orange colors or medical professionals with matching lab coat white canvas. The possibilities are endless.


We offer several solutions for those that wish to fasten their iPad in a way different from our standard solution. Some may want a velcro solution or enlarged strapping system to accommodate cases like the OtterBox or other tablets such as the Microsoft Surface or Samsung Galaxy line of Tablets.


Shoulder straps can also be customized with additional supports, fasteners and quick disconnect snaps.


Many of our customers have specific needs in mind when deploying their iPads for their industry. These can include specialized tool holders, point of sale systems or customized pockets. Sometimes this requires a customized cutout which we can easily accommodate.


Each situation requires a unique and custom solution. We’re here to help our commercial clients fully utilize their iPads in their workplace.





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