Product Highlights

Push Release Clips - There are two quick release adjustable straps to keep the case's open position at various angles for hands free use. Just swing the iPad case from a backpack position to the front of your body and flip open the case for your hands free viewing pleasure.


Sleep-wake magnets - The sleep-wake magnets conveniently turn your iPad on and off when you open and close the case. No need to worry about draining the battery anymore!


Camera Access Flap - If you need to use the rear camera, don't even take your iPad out of the case! Fold the corner of the larger outer front pocket inwards for an unobstructed camera hole.


2 Stylus Holders - Located close to the iPad enclosure, the 2 stylus holders are perfectly situated for easy access to your stylus or pen


External iPad Case Features


Weatherproof Zippers - Use the water resistant, durable high quality zippers to enclose the iPad and any other accessories you are carrying with you.


Unique reversible swivel design for easy deployment - The easy to use, quick disconnect buckle on the shoulder strap allows for quick adjustments and repositioning of the shoulder bag to be used as a messenger bag, sling-style backpack, or briefcase.


Shoulder Strap Pocket - The small, easily accessible shoulder strap pocket is a convenient safe place to store essential items like a credit card, bus card, or small phone.


6 Utility Straps - Gadgets, tools, accessories, or even a water bottle can be attached effortlessly to the elastic straps on the front and rear of the shoulder strap.


Laptop Pocket - Big enough to hold the MacBook Air and other small laptops, the rear laptop pocket provides enough room for additional items such as work documents, additional equipment, small laptops, tools, or accessories. (For a thinner version without the laptop pocket, take a look at the Somersault Slim)


Comfortable Mesh Padding - The high quality, breathable mesh padding on the rear of the case comfortably rests on the middle of your back when positioned like a backpack or rests comfortably on your lap while sitting.


2 Utility Hooks - Positioned on the main strap to be close to your body, the two utility hooks can be used to clip small devices, badges, keys, or other frequently needed accessories


TSA Compliant - Are you a frequent traveller? TSA will only allow laptops to stay in bags through screening if they provide a clear and unobstructed X-ray image of the laptop. The Somersault case is easy to open and meets these requirements. It can be opened and placed directly on the security belt for inspection at any TSA inspection gate making traveling easier, faster, and more comfortable.


OSHA Compliant - Having both hands available at all times when on a job site is crucial for safety. Keep your hands free and open while climbing through spaces or climbing up a ladder by wearing as this iPad carrying case as a backpack.


2 Utility Pockets with Zip closure - Simple storage for writing utensils, accessories, or small items









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