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iPad carrying cases need to be durable, weatherproof, light weight and multi-functional. The Somersault Slim iPad carrying case provides all of these features plus the ability to be hands-free. It doesn't matter what occupation you enjoy. If you actively use your iPad for work, communication, documentation, or entertainment, this iPad carrying case simplifies operating and carrying your iPad. The multiple utility hooks, straps, and pockets also makes this case for the iPad user friendly for accessories and additional gadgets.

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iPad Device Slot - Designed to Fit: iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Air series

The iPad slot securely locks the iPad in place with a strong, leather-like sheath and velcro strap to prevent the iPad from sliding out. The cut outs in the sheath allow you to easily access the home button and provide an unobstructed window for the front camera. Position the iPad with the home button on either the left or right and easily access all iPad ports at anytime.

Please note: This case does not fit the iPad Mini. View the TabKeeper 360 for a unique case for the iPad Mini


Push Release Clips - There are two quick release adjustable straps to keep the case's open position at various angles for hands free use. Just swing the iPad case from a backpack position to the front of your body and flip open the case for your hands free viewing pleasure.


Sleep-wake magnets - The sleep-wake magnets conveniently turn your iPad on and off when you open and close the case. No need to worry about draining the battery anymore!


Camera Access Flap - If you need to use the rear camera, don't even take your iPad out of the case! Fold the corner of the larger outer front pocket inwards for an unobstructed camera hole.


Stylus Holders - Located close to the iPad enclosure, the 2 stylus holders are perfectly situated for easy access to your stylus or pen.

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