iBackFlip™ Somersault iPad Utility Pack

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The robust, hands free iPad backpack with lots of extra storage, functionality & versatility. Sling it on your back or flip it to your front for deployment. With desktop easel mode too. Fits all iPads, Macbook Air series and Chromebooks.

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Product Description

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To keep up with the ever-changing world of technology you need to be able to access your information from anywhere and respond with whatever information is needed. The problem with most mobile tablet technology is even though it’s large enough to hold the data needed it lacks in work-station functionality. The solution? Make the tablet a mobile workstation. The iBackFlip™ is the perfect on the go work station. It’s completely hands free to allow you the freedom to access your data while performing other tasks on the go. Most ipad cases are only designed to carry the device conveniently but they don’t make it convenient to access your data while traveling or away from your office. The iBackFlip is more than just a carrying case it also takes the place of a lap desk, a travel sling, and a completely mobile work station. The iBackFlip is the ultimate ipad sling bag for travel. You will never want to travel with any other utility pack once you’ve used the iBackFlip. No matter your occupation you can benefit from its ease of use and hands free design, other ipad carrying cases don’t have the easy iBackFlip sling design or the complete features of this utility pack.

Designed in the USA and patented.

Operate seamlessly in situations when you need quick access your iPad, while keeping your hands free for other tasks. Simply turn the shoulder bag around on your body and flip the case open to gain instant access. Or you can sit down, quick disconnect the shoulder strap and reverse the backpack to create a portable iPad stand.

  • Unique swivel design, flip from back to front for easy use, without even removing backpack.
  • Unique reversible design for desktop deployment. Flips inside out 180 degrees.
  • Features dual zipper deployment and one handed removal.
  • Embedded magnets accommodates the sleep/wake sensor located on the iPad 2 and the new iPad.
  • iPad can be positioned with the home button on the left or right.
  • Complete access to all iPad ports and switches when mounted.
  • Large storage pocket (Space for 11, 13 inch MacBook Air, Chromebook and letter size folders)
  • 2 medium front storage pockets
  • 1 iPhone pocket on shoulder stap. (fits iPhone 5 too)
  • Camera access flap
  • Quick disconnect shoulder strap
  • 2 Utility hooks
  • 2 Stylus holders
  • Elastic utility bands on shoulder straps (thread headphones, etc.)
  • Weatherproof, water resistant, TSA and OSHA Compliant

Frequently Asked Questions

“How does the camera work with the bag closed?”
Once you start recording you can close it, or attach a set of headphones with the button function to act like a shutter, and then just zip up the bag.

In the General Settings on the iPad there is a Disable sleep-wake magnet function.

“Will the original iPad and the new iPad fit?”
Yes. Both the iPad 1, iPad 2 and the new iPad (3rd generation) fit inside the iBackFlip Somersault Slim perfectly.

“Is there enough room for my power adapters, cables, keyboard dock and more?”
There is enough storage with the 1 front storage pocket on the Somersault Slim to accommodate all sorts of cool stuff. A keyboard dock might be too large, if you need more storage we recommend the full-size Somersault which has way more storage capabilities.

“What about the 30 Pin Access for Battery Packs and Adapters?”
We designed the iBackFlip Somersault Slim so you have full access on both sides for any 30 pin device. You can even thread a battery pack to it and leave a space in-between the 2 zippers to run the cable to an external iPad battery pack.

“Do you ship internationally?”
Yes. We currently ship almost everywhere there is mail delivery in the world.

“Do any shops carry iBackFlip products internationally?”
Not yet. We are gearing up for international retail over the coming months.

Additional Information

Weight 2.16 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 14 x 10 in

Red, Gray, Blue

9 reviews for iBackFlip™ Somersault iPad Utility Pack

  1. Tara Doyle
    5 out of 5


    This is an incredible product. My non-verbal child uses an iPad as an ACC device and a MacBook for educational purposes. I am concerned about the weight of this for him although it would be fine if we don’t put the Macbook in (its 10 years old and heavier than the new models). I’ll certainly put this on the wish list for him. How great for him to be hands free and still have his iPad completely accessible.
    Great Job!!!

  2. Terrance Kirkwood
    5 out of 5


    I have to admit, I thought this was going to be another lame and awkward idea for carrying an iPad, but after watching the video, I can totally see myself getting one of these. Very nicely done guys. Great design, great utility and get demo video – you really built up the anticipation by making me wait to the end to see what else I could do with those quick release snaps. ;-) I’m officially a fan of iBackFlip studios.

  3. Billy Foster
    5 out of 5


    I think this looks awesome, I so want to order one! But first I need to know, will the back pouch hold a 13? MacBook Air?
    iBackFlip: Yes the 13 inch MacBook Air fits.

  4. William James
    4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Somersault (Standard)

    This is a very well thought out piece of kit and has some great features that will appeal to the iPad use on the go. Observations and some constructive criticism as follows:

    1. Construction is solid and stitching looks sound. The overall finish of the straps is a bit scrappy and could be neatened up. Some securing loops for the internal straps would be nice as these tend to flop about a bit. Equally on the shoulder strap some neatening up would not go amiss – bit it looks workmanlike. Solid unfussy zips that work.

    2. Not entirely certain about the utility hooks being positioned on the outside – not sure that I want to carry keys in plain view or in deed anything else for that matter but no accounting for taste

    3. Phone pocket is a fairly snug fit for an iPhone in a standard case but does go in and the headphone cable straps work well although not exactly quick release as you have to thread through.

    4. Bag is not ambi-hip-strous you have to wear it on the left hip to operate the swivel properly. The downside of this is that if you are wearing a jacket your top pocket and inside pocket are a bit blocked but for the young and trendy this may not be an issue.

    5. Bag sits well when walking but does not stay put when on a bike – I was kind of hoping it would stay on like a messenger bag but it tends to want to do its thing and swivel round to the front.

    6. iPad entry is secure and solid and will even allow you to put the iPad and snap on back in – I like this as when take Ipad out I like it to have back protection. Magnets work well.

    7. Two sensible pockets at front and middle give plenty of storage for cables and other bits and pieces.

    8. The swivel and use feature is good. Retaining straps for the top are sturdy and adjustable if a bit long – could they possibly be positioned a bit lower to make a little neater?

    Overall for the travelling iPad user who wants access on the move this is probably a perfect solution. Have a feeling that this is going to grow on me so the extra star may come with love but at the moment it’s just nearly perfect!

  5. Evgeny
    5 out of 5


    Can you add an inside zipper pocket for sensitive documents like travel passport?

  6. Justin Wilmas ( Amano )
    5 out of 5


    I purchased the original iBackflip bag just after it was released because I needed a bag to carry my iPad. Shortly after I discovered how coveinent it became as a handsfree support system and it became more of my everyday routine. After constant use, I wished it had more space for my charger, cables, docs, pens, and more. I just upgraded to the Somersault and found the space I need and more. This includes the ability for the iPad camera to work while in the bag, clip on the strap for ease of release, the clasps to hold my keys and the velcro straps for my pen. The people at iBackflip are in tune with what people need out of a bag, up to speed on all the new iPad features and all while making it stylish! Keep up the good work!!

  7. Will
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I’m loving this bag! The easel feature is just so clever and feels comfortable and stable, love the phone pocket, the construction is solid, and it has a surprising amount of storage. I do agree with Evgeny’s comment. An inner zipper pocket for extra security (passport, wallet, keys, etc) would be a nice feature. Great product, though. Very pleased with this purchase.

  8. mattrunyon
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Just got mine. Bag is just what I needed for hauling my iPad around with my Seagate Go Flex Satellite drive. It’s like my own portable movie theater. Now all I need is a Mac book Air to fill in the pouch in back.

  9. Billy Bright
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This backpack is amazing. I take it with me everywhere I go (work, school, grocery shopping, walking my dog). It makes using your iPad incredibly easy no matter where you are. It’s comfortable and it has enough space to store extra stuff. I just came back from a trip to Nicaragua and using this backpack made me feel safe. I didn’t have to worry about holding an expensive digital device out in the public for people to see. I don’t have a Mac laptop but the thought of adding one to this setup excites me. I thread my iPad charger through the camera hole and in the outside pocket I have a portable iPad battery charger that I use if I ever run out of battery on the road. I have my OtterBox case Velcroed to the inside so when I need to use the camera I just unplug my charger from the side and pop my iPad out of the OtterBox case and take pictures. And then when I’m finished I just snap it back in and I’m ready to go again. This product makes life with an Ipad so convienient and now its $20 less! I would buy another one with that deal but I don’t have another iPad. Trust me, the quality on this product is great. Buy one and you won’t be disappointed.

    • iBackFlip Studios

      (verified owner):


      Thanks a million for the review and we are so happy to hear about how much you are enjoying your Somersault iPad utility pack! We love to hear great stories about how iBackFlip owners are using them in everyday life situations and we love how you point out the fact that The Somersault not only secures your iPad from breakage but also from theft by almost camouflaging your iPad when your are among crowds. Thank you again for your time and we will continue to bring you and everyone else great products in the future!

      iBackFlip Team

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